Original SHYZIP

SHYZIP Fastener System is originated from Japan and has been around the market since 1988.

SHYZIP has won worldwide recognition for its newfangled usage of the now commonly known as Zip to retain fabric in its side-channel resulting in a fully sealed blind whether it is used indoor or outdoor.

Originally developed for the bullet trains in Japan, the SHY ZIP tracking system is a proven method of locking a vast array of fabrics into the sidetrack. Like bullet train shades, it is necessary for exterior shades for homes and businesses to be as stable as possible, minimizing excessive movement of the fabric due to wind and outdoor elements.

Singapore is not new to the SHYZIP Fastener System market. It has established itself in the architectural industry for the past years.

The SHYZIP Fastener System provides these advantages:

  • Provides total light blockage (with select fabrics)
  • Both manual gear & motorized versions available
  • No bottom gap on inside mounts
  • Superior fabric stability

  • Perfect for skylights
  • Exterior noise reduction
  • Prevents insect intrusion
  • Small & large sizes are available


*PVC film of Mini is thicker than that of Standard to keep the welding strength.

Tensile Strength (Measured Value)

SHYZIP - 0203/0216 (With Yellow Elements)

Element thickness: 1.7mm
Tensile Strength: 25.2kg/30mm

SHYZIP - 0450/0451 (With Red/Green Elements)

Element thickness: 1.9mm
Tensile Strength: 41kg/0kg/30mm
Best for exterior shade.

ZIP System

The ZIP System is a screen system that can shut off openings perfectly with a compact guide rail unit and SHYZIP.



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